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Our work in the B2B sectors is supported by shining talent with specific skill-set needed to build your website, handle search marketing efforts (SEO and SEM), content development, video production, market analysis, or technology integrations (CRM, CMS, Automation Platforms, etc.). Whether you are a SaaS start-up, industrial supplier, or company attempting to get your product or service in front of the right crowd, we have the abilities you will need to get your business moving forward.

Who we work with is important because we are in this for the long haul, and, frankly, life is short, so let’s make it sweet. Successful relationships require special care and attention to details to provide the greatest outcome, which is why it is important that our values match yours. This value extends beyond our marketing team and into our personal lives and community. We believe it is our responsibility to take care of others, as well as ourselves. This is a daily mindset that fuels us with an enthusiasm for life. We enjoy sharing that feeling with others. We have our own internal procedures and systems to keep things flowing efficiently and effectively. Working with others provides the priceless opportunity to also learn about how to do things best– whether that be in a marketing campaign, within operations, or in the human resources department. These valuable considerations ensure success for everyone.

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A word from our founder.

EMKTG was founded after I realized how many people actually needed help moving their companies forward through the digital landscape. As an adventure guru, it has been exciting staying abreast of the changes technology in constantly throwing our way. It has been my job for the last 20 years to plan, implement, text, and competitively push global marketing programs into the online space. I began my career as an intern in 1996, but gained a well-rounded perspective in design after working as a fashion designer in NYC and an interior designer in Cincinnati, OH. From 2001 until 2017 I worked for the a manufacturing company, where I established their first global marketing team. I implemented Salesforce CRM, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, and other website systems (WordPress, Sitefinity), and stayed abreast of changes in software and technology opportunities. I trained multi-lingual teams in marketing automation and personalization, building websites, and designing user-experiences. As an artist, the visual arts have always come naturally to me and I continue using my creative eye to make design decisions across everything that we make for our clientele. Whether you need a stand-in marketing team, a consultant on hand, help training your existing personnel, or any other marketing service or design project, I have two decades of working experience positively steering teams of all ages and abilities forward. I work best with those who need an advocate, are looking for to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, need a neutral third party to direct internal teams to aide in the implementation and adaptation of new technology (AI, CRM, CMS, etc.), or just need some advice on what to do next.

I have over 17 years as an executive in the international marketplace, so if you are looking to expand globally, we can help you get there. With a focus on privacy, I am certified in GDPR, serving as the DPO for American companies who conduct business overseas.

One of the most important elements in today’s digital world, is security. Everything that we build is checked and established with the intelligence that will keep your website online and your internal data safe.

With diverse cultural and educated, expert-level experience in business implications of artificial design, digital marketing strategy, marketing automation, website development, graphic design, video production, SaaS integrations, SEO, SEM, social networking, privacy and security, we can help your business make its mark one worth remembering.

In one of my most recent endeavors, I completed an executive certificate from MIT Sloan focused on Artificial Intelligence in Business Strategy. I encourage continuous learning amongst everyone in my team, so you can be rest-assured that both myself, and the rest of my team, will always have the top-level knowledge and expertise you need to get ahead and to ensure we are providing you with the most current information available to the market.

Laura Magee CEO at EMKTG


Founder & CEO

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What would life be like without marketing? Here is a video to show you.

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In the world of emerging technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are being leveraged by every type and size of company. AI is still evolving and will continue to do so, but it already has the capacity to grow and scale businesses. There are many practical applications of AI in business, including technology integration and training, marketing automation, improving the customer experience, and optimizing business processes.