who we are
It’s fantastic to know that we have such a great Marketing Agency like EMKTG with Laura Magee, CEO and her talented team to provide the kind of support and planning that brings our entire strategic marketing plan to industrial markets globally through social, email nurturing, retargeting, traditional media, and pay-per-click campaigns.
About Us


Who we work with is important because we are in this for the long haul, and, frankly, life is short, so let’s make it sweet. Successful relationships require special care and attention to details to provide the greatest outcome,  which is why it is important that our values match yours. (Oh wait? Am I talking about you? Yes!) This value extends beyond our marketing team and into our personal lives and community. (Psssst… This is also how we help you build your brand so very well!) We believe it is our responsibility to take care of others, as well as ourselves.  This is a daily mindset that fuels us with an enthusiasm for life. We enjoy sharing that feeling with others. We have our own internal procedures to keep things flowing efficiently and effectively. Working with others provides the priceless opportunity to also learn about how to do things best– whether that be in a marketing campaign, or in the human resources department. These valuable considerations ensure success for everyone.


Our Experience


Our work in the B2B sectors is supported by shining professionals with specific skill-set in building websites, search marketing (SEO and SEM), content development and video production, market analysis, and technology integrations (CRM, CMS, Automation Platforms, etc.) with long-standing relationships in the entertainment, creative, and technology worlds. Whether you are a SaaS start-up, business to business industrial supplier, fine artist or pharmaceutical scientist attempting to get your innovation in front of the right business, we have the know-how to get your business moving forward.


About our Founder, Laura Magee


After graduating from DAAP of the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio, our founder’s love for design and technology accelerated. In 2001, just as the digital world was beginning to take shape, Laura Magee began her career as a fashion designer in NYC, where she found herself enjoying to help associates learn how to render technical drawings on a computer (Adobe 5 anyone? Yikes!). She spent the next 15 years working for an industrial manufacturer, a brand now present in more than 96 countries, as their Global Marketing Director, leading a successful, diverse, and multi-lingual team. During that time, Magee had the pleasure of working from various offices around the world.  In 2017, she decided it was time to pursue her dreams with the establishment of the Agency in Colorado.

Magee’s marketing experience started with the strategic planning and implementation of multi-channel campaigns to the international market. Responsible to build-out the company’s first multi-national marketing team, she established an understanding of what it takes to connect people with different skill-set, culture, style, and language. Further interests led to extensive experience in building websites and the integration and administration of SaaS platforms, including Salesforce, WordPress, Sitefinity, Marketo, Pardot, and Hubspot.


With ongoing efforts to advance corporate programs, Magee began the pursuit of a Masters of Science in Leadership from the Colorado State University-Global Campus. This provided further insight into what it takes to implement change, encourage, motivate, and align internal teams, necessary to make the people behind the brand, happy (which is marketable!).


In younger years, Magee traveled festival circuits with authors and musicians, learning about behavioral science and the entertainment business. Her love for connecting people, technology, creativity, and community keeps her going.  Although she still geeks out over google, she spends most of her downtime hiking with family, friends (who are often clients), and her big dog (who happens to look like a bear! But that’s another story!).

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