You’ve been thinking lately about whether you should engage a digital marketing firm or hire an in-house marketing team. (1) Here’s a story we hear often from our clients. Maybe it’s your story, too.You got into business to do what you’re passionate about. Whether your business is a recent startup or has grown into something much larger, your main focus is making products and providing services in your particular field.

One problem, though. There comes a point where you need to grow your business even more. You do what you do better than anyone else in your industry, but your competitors are outstripping you in sales. Here’s the reason. You’ve spent so much time doing what you do best that you hadn’t thought much about marketing. If you build it, they will come. Or so you thought.

To reach customers who would prefer your product if only they knew about it, you’ll have to get involved in marketing. You have two choices: outsource your marketing to a digital marketing firm or hire a marketing expert in-house. Here are 5 reasons you might be better off going with outsourcing.

1. An Entire Team of Marketing Experts Focused on Your Success

Unless your organization has deep pockets, you’ll have to hire a single marketing person or a small team. Compared to a full-service digital marketing firm, a handful of people can’t come close to the depth of expertise that comes into play when you outsource your marketing.

With a team of digital marketing experts who do nothing but digital marketing, you can focus on your business while they provide the level of marketing that can help you grow your business to greater heights than you ever dreamed possible.

2. No Onboarding Expenses or Payroll Hassles

Every time you hire a new employee or team, it takes a huge effort to recruit, compare, hire, onboard, and train. You must pay workers’ compensation insurance and keep track of Social Security, withholding, and other taxes. After all that, you stay on pins and needles that they don’t find a better gig down the road, forcing you to go through the process all over again.

In a robust economy, that risk rises substantially. With a marketing firm, though, the firm absorbs all the hassle, all the worries. All you need to do is pay a monthly fee and keep doing what you do best.

3. Gain an Edge over Competitors with Blogging

Regardless of industry, today’s customers demand useful, actionable information from those with whom they do business. They also want to know that the companies they work with are authorities in their field. Not only that but to be successful in getting the word out to potential customers, a company must appear high in online searches for the products and services it offers.

Digital marketing firms hire writers with expertise in a variety of fields. These writers can take the raw information that you give them, do intensive research, and come up with blog posts that help your potential customers solve the problems that keep them from taking the lead in their own industries.

Unless you or one of your employees is a talented writer and search engine optimization (SEO) expert, you’ll be farther ahead by outsourcing your blog writing to a firm with cutting-edge expertise in both areas.

4. Leverage Leading-Edge Digital Marketing Strategies

In-house marketing teams rarely have the depth of expertise to keep up with all the tech-driven trends in marketing today. (2) With AI-driven, automated, and programmatic marketing on the rise, a specialized firm is likely to have invested in those kinds of technologies, giving you an edge over competitors who have in-house teams.

Furthermore, to be effective, your company must keep track of the performance of every piece of digital content you put out. A full-service firm can develop a winning digital marketing strategy through defining your target market, sending out personalized content to those who are likely to buy, and split testing (A/B testing) two versions of your content to see which one performs best.

5. Set Your Brand Apart from the Crowd

Even though you might be the best in the nation at what you do, you might lose business if potential customers can’t tell the difference between you and the thousands of other businesses that do the same kind of work.

That’s where a digital marketing firm can help. When you’re in a crowded market, you need to define what makes your brand unique. A marketing firm can take an objective look at your company culture and what you make, and come up with a campaign that focuses on what sets you apart.

That’s only the beginning. Once you’ve defined your brand identity, the marketing firm can identify the customers most likely to identify with you and what you sell. From there, digital marketing experts can custom-tailor social media outreach, native advertising, and other personalized approaches to reach those people.

If you’d like to set yourself apart from your competitors, reach more qualified prospects, and grow your business, you owe it to yourself to discover what a digital marketing firm can do for you in greater depth. Get in touch with one of our digital marketing consultants to learn more.




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