È necessario il marketing per ridimensionare la mia attività?

Where and when should money be spent in order to grow a business? Should more salespeople be added to the team? Should new technology be implemented so that additional work can be handled? The answer is often controversial with a mixed response from stakeholders. For this reason, it is common to wonder, “Do I need to use marketing services to grow my business?”

“Today, digital marketing is an art form- a science of sorts. Marketers use their time to creatively devise inbound marketing strategies, analyzing results, using complex technologies to automate and personalize experiences and techniques.” 

For years, I have had a countless number of people tell me that it is the face-to-face relationship that really counts– that it is the salesperson who does the work to cultivate and close the deal– that “advertising” is a waste of money.

I once had a CFO look at me and one other potential hire straight in the face and rank the internal departments by what he thought to be its level of value to the company. He put “marketing” last. I was dumbfounded that someone in his position would ever say something like that to a marketer (talk about taking the wind out of someone’s sail). But, as the head of finance, he did not like “marketing” for a few reasons: One, marketing requires a budget for intelligent people, technology, and sometimes advertising; Two, because he did not understand that today’s marketing team does a lot more than just buy stuff. Today, digital marketing is an art form- a science of sorts. Marketers use their time to creatively devise inbound marketing strategies, analyzing results, using complex technologies to automate and personalize experiences and techniques. 

Che cos'è il marketing in entrata?

Marketing in entrata è "una tecnica per attirare clienti verso prodotti e servizi tramite marketing dei contenutisocial media marketingOttimizzazione del motore di ricerca e il branding. ”Fondamentalmente, il marketing in entrata è una tattica utilizzata dalle organizzazioni per attirare nuovi affari piuttosto che chiamate a freddo o visitare luoghi (andando“ in uscita ”) per raggiungere nuovi contatti e generare affari ripetuti. La maggior parte del marketing in entrata è gratuita, ad eccezione della tecnologia di automazione necessaria per farlo funzionare, più eventuali costi generali dei dipendenti.

Perché gli esperti di marketing hanno bisogno del software di automazione del marketing?

Immagina per un momento di essere in grado di assumere un solo dipendente per promuovere il marchio, i suoi prodotti o servizi. Definisce la Sharpspring automazione del marketing come,

“… [Le] piattaforme software che aiutano le aziende ad automatizzare i loro processi di marketing e coinvolgimento delle vendite per generare più lead, convertire più lead in vendite e ottimizzare il ROI. L'automazione del marketing consente agli esperti di marketing di automatizzare attività ripetitive come l'invio di e-mail, la manutenzione dei social media, il monitoraggio delle interazioni con i siti Web e la gestione di varie altre attività. L'automazione del marketing centralizza tutte le caratteristiche e le funzioni che costituiscono il ruolo del marketer in un'organizzazione ... "

Sebbene l'automazione sia "automatica", per gestirla bene sono necessari un tempo di marketing tecnico intelligente e conoscenze tecniche.

Wiki sottolinea il fatto che, con automazione del marketing, “Marketing …employees benefit by specifying criteria and outcomes for tasks and processes which are then interpreted, stored and executed by software, …increas[ing] efficiency and reduc[ing] human error.” So, not only does marketing automation automate tasks through a set of rule criteria, get work done more quickly, and require less time to manage campaigns, but it also reduces human error and stores the history and results of those actions for the improvement of work.

Marketing gratuito

Thinking that “advertising” spend has anything to do with the value a marketing team brings to an organization is utter blindness. A good writer will have an audience that wants to come back and read more; A good marketer will put the writer on the map– and the better they are at this, the less a company will need to pay for advertising to grow their audience. A company needs both areas of expertise in the same way it may need a software engineer to write a program, a mechanical engineer to develop the machine, and possibly a third party to make sure they are working together without bias for the overarching strategy of the global organization. For an inbound marketer, paid placements

are only one of many channels that may require any spend. In fact, most of a well-rounded marketing team’s responsibility is in setting up programming rules, writing code, and using (a lot of) technology to be able to send free messages via email, creating sales templates, posting blogs, planning and implementing organic (free) marketing strategy (which is an ongoing process) so that the company will not need to spend as much for additional staff, to rank for keywords, and attract attention, online. Here is a funny video for you to watch this:

Strategia organica

Il contenuto del sito Web è vivo una volta pubblicato, ma non sempre bene; Ci vuole ricerca metodica, pianificazione e strategia digitale per avere successo nel tempo. I robot di ricerca eseguono formule (algoritmi) per determinare dove dovrebbe trovarsi un sito rispetto agli elenchi di pagine con parole chiave concorrenti, ma anche con una pagina ben ponderata, questo non accade dall'oggi al domani. Jayson Demyers su INC, afferma che ci vuole "1-2 years before [seeing] results from organic strategy.” Each web page and blog post should rank for differing keywords and content should remain fresh. These are just two of hundreds of other ranking factors in a ranking algorithm. When done right, intelligent, optimized, and consistently published content will influence how well a website and it’s individual pages will rank over time. And when a brand needs immediate exposure, paid online advertising is critical to compete with well-established sites that are already ranking for similar keywords.

Delivering intelligent digital content is a requirement in today’s B2B marketing world. Published digital content is continuously crawled by search bots to update a page’s rank.  A search bots main duty is to determine where a brand’s website and the individual page(s) should appear in search results– first on the first results page, fifteenth, or even a hundred pages back.  When done right, posted news, blogs, and other content will appear on the first page. Therefore, smart marketing is essential to growing a business in today’s world. Lastly, a marketing team is capable of driving incredible value, but not without great leadership.

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