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Competition? Hit a roadblock on your way to success? Lacking internal bandwidth? Starting a new business or product line? Need a leg-up? Looking to upgrade your internal infrastructure? Whether you are a start-up or a mature enterprise, economic changes can present challenges that we can help you face. At EMKTG we believe experience is critical to success. Whether that be internally between departments, management and employees, leadership, or externally through brand reputation and customer experience, we have the expertise that can get you ahead.

EMKTG is a full-service technology, business and marketing consulting agency focused on delivering results. We take a collaborative approach, carefully selecting the strategies that work best for your business type. As a visionary consultancy, we evoke mindful, creative solutions, by looking at the big picture and then honing into the areas that can be improved. By involving an unbiased, neutral party, change is more likely to occur more easily.

Here is a complete list of our integrated business services:

Ethical AI Planning & Business Strategy

Typically, we start by analyzing your current business strategy. From there we identify areas that can be enhanced with new strategies and technology innovation, like Artificial Intelligence. If needed, we research the market to identify new areas for growth. With an expert analysis, we help you build a disruptive business or IT-specific plan and roadmap for success.

Web Development

Need to upgrade to your existing site to seamlessly transition between devices and screen sizes? We can help. Whether you need a 1200-page, enterprise-level, custom website design or a quick 2-page starter, we can deliver what you need at an affordable price in the time you need it.

Marketing Automation

Specialized in digital automation, we automate your customers' experiences from the first touch. We utilize account-based marketing strategy for a personalized journey throughout the customer lifetime to engage, convert, and generate advocatcy

SaaS Platform Administration - Integration & Training

Every organic search strategy should include a Content Strategy. Build your content marketing with weekly digital blog posts and keyword targeted content to begin watching how many prospects you can attract without paying for a single ad.

Content Building

Every organic search strategy should include a Content Strategy. Build out your content marketing database with weekly digital blog posts and keyword targeted content to begin watching how many prospects you can attract without paying for a single ad.


Specialized in digital automation, we help you by planning and executing a complete accounts-based marketing strategy with intelligent, segmented email nurture and website campaigns to generate leads, close sales faster, and improve customer loyalty throughout the entire customer journey.

Social Media

Get social to create additional website traffic to generate additional leads, target influencers, and engage with prospects at the right time and day on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for the full effect.

Video & Photography

Whether you need video production services or inspiring photography to support your marketing campaigns, our talented designers are experienced in building and optimizing compelling digital assets to support your brand initiatives.

Media Buying

We support the planning and execution of traditional media buying and advertising placement you need to get your company into the local or world market. With a large network of media contacts, you can be certain to make a wave.

B2B Public Relations

From copywriting to press release, we utilize a global network of media contacts to ensure the message about your brand is not only the right one, but is put in front of the right publishers.

Branding & Rebranding

With a knack for creativity, our branding experts are specialized in helping company's create meaningful, memorable identities that are hard to forget.

Graphic Design

Whether it's a printed brochure, or a landing page, our designers are ready to roll out any material to support your company's needs.

Trade Shows & Corporate Events

We are all about having fun, if thats what you're after. We have almost 20 years experience working in corporate events and trade shows at venues around the world. From selecting the right location to coordinating the details, we know how to make any event, memorable.


EMKTG is available to help you do-it-yourself on an hourly basis or as complete bundled packages.

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