SEPT. 2018


Knowing which marketing strategy will bring the highest Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) relies heavily on the ability to analyze previous results and identify patterns. These solutions are made quickly available with online tracking software and data technologies created to help businesses of all sizes envision current realities and forecast how that pattern will play out in the future.

Here are 4 important reasons to integrate SaaS technologies:

Market Analysis


As many people have experienced, department silos stiffen team collaboration; I have found this to be especially commonplace between sales and marketing groups. The larger the organization, the more likely groups can become separated if this potential problem is not considered. For this reason, it is also important to acknowledge how investing in technology connects (or disconnects) people in the big picture. By connecting datasets that exist independently in each department for the same products, leads, contacts or accounts, technology helps to alleviate many of these silos and accelerate teams for an increased number of big wins.


通过连接SaaS技术,可以提高管道可视性 Bizible, CMS platforms like Salesforce, and others like Google Analytics or Pardot. Not all technologies can be integrated, which is why it is critical to methodically assess which technologies are the right mix for your company’s unique needs from the beginning. By connecting platforms like these, new data sets provide a clearer picture as too which efforts are driving the most value and an insightful depiction of your customers’ decision-making processes that most often lead to the successful purchase of your product. By connecting information, forward-thinking companies equip teams with improved computer-enabled power, efficiency, knowledge, and speed.

对于大多数公司而言,离线营销策略仍然是营销组合的重要组成部分,但这些活动提供的数据缺乏使得改善CLV等举措难以实现。离线营销中有一些方法可以跟踪您的某些受众群体来自哪里 - 无论是平面广告还是小册子 - 但是您需要进行大量限制才能做出正确的改进。例如,当您使用数字广告发送电子邮件或开始新的广告系列时,您可以清楚地看到客户点击广告后立即采取的路径,他们在您的网站上停留的时间以及其他页面,主题或优惠对他们感兴趣。


收集正确的销售数据并结合详细的营销指标,将有助于领导者做出明智的决策。然后可以解决重要问题,包括“谁是理想的客户?他们现在在哪里?“并且,”我们如何以及何时与他们联系?“在合适的时间准确预测这些细节的能力将进一步帮助确定您的长期计划 - 从而提供获得所需的竞争优势铅。

This year, Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) everywhere are attempting to improve a Customer’s Lifetime Value (CLV). CLV is the net profit obtained from a businesses’ relationship with a customer across the past, present, and future. A recent article by Michael Schrage at the Harvard Business Review explains, “…serious customer lifetime value metrics should measure how effectively innovation investment increases customer health and wealth. Successful innovations make customers more valuable.” By improving visible business intelligence, it is easier than ever to envision how an increase in CLV is possible.




Equipping your internal teams with software will aid in tracking conversions, align sales and marketing information for a better unified picture, and to evaluate the best multichannel strategy. Technology integrations play a critical part in out-playing competitors strategic efforts and cultivating a healthy culture of internal collaboration.


大多数企业 - 尤其是B2B行业的企业 - 确定其主要目标是让网站访问者提交包含潜在客户联系信息以及行业或产品兴趣的表单。这个重点是一个很好的起点,因为它将允许您的团队开始向这些潜在客户发送培育电子邮件。但是,在您启动新计划之前,首先要考虑评估哪些客户更喜欢面对面交互,而不是其他第一触摸数据点。通过查看其首选联系方式来细分群组。接下来,团队将能够更智能地构建客户档案(也称为人物角色)并设想客户的旅程。正是这种信息使企业能够选择正确的计划。想一想;工程师和高级财务主管可能不会遵循相同的信息途径来成为销售机会。在确定与您的品牌或产品一起旅行的时间和方法之前,区分客户的独特路径非常重要。

在与销售团队初次接触之前,很难知道客户在做什么;实施适当的跟踪将有助于确定客户在管道中的活动,并通过数字和传统的销售和营销工作改善品牌的营销投资。如果您的B2B公司没有跟踪其客户的互动,现在是时候改进您的策略了。实施正确的技术可以快速提高您识别最佳投资地点的能力,节省与面对面会议相关的时间和费用,以及改善企业的客户导向 - 谁不想要这样做?

"Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter." — Izaak Walton

希望设置跟踪或集成您现有的技术组合? 现在就开始.

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